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The Line Is Steadily Growing Outside the Rebecca Minkoff Sale

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It's officially time for the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, which in years past, has caused quite the frenzy. Racked reporter Talia Aroshas is outside 260 Fifth Avenue scoping out the scene. Doors open at noon, but until then, read on for her updates from the line.

11:09am: Hello! I just got here. There are about 50 or so people in line, and it's split into two sections.

11:15am: The first person in line got here at 9:30am, and the first person in the second half of the line got here at 10:20. It's mostly women here, some middle-aged and some girls in their twenties.

11:20am: I don't see anyone carrying Rebecca Minkoff purses. Maybe they're all in line to buy one!

11:25am: Since I got here, about 16 people have joined the line behind me.

11:28am: Make that thirty.

The front of the line

11:37am: The line's wrapped around 28th Street. I'd say there are about 110 people in line, total. And nobody's acting crazy.

11:40am: Okay, now behind me I see at least seven people with Rebecca Minkoff bags.

11:56am: Doors should be opening soon! In the meantime, 260 staffers are walking around with their email list sign-up sheets.

11:57am: And we're moving!

A view of the back of the line

12:01am: They seem to be letting in five people at a time, about a minute apart. My estimate is that there are about 140 people in line now.

12:04am: I'm in the first part of the line now! Things are moving pretty quickly.

12:09am: I just got let in! It's crazy in here already. Everyone is definitely hungry for handbags.

For our full report from inside, head this way.

260 Sample Sale

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