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Low Prices, Hordes of Shoppers at the Rebecca Minkoff Sale

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The Rebecca Minkoff sample sale opened its doors today at 12pm, and we were lucky enough to make it inside before all their inventory was wiped out. OK, that's an exaggeration, but if you walk away with one impression of today's scene, let it be an awareness of the large crowds and readily disappearing merchandise.

Most bags at the sale are priced around $200, with some going as low as $100. Also on hand are flirty dresses for $150, elegant blouses for $100, and a large array of shoes, starting at just $75. With prices like these, the pilgrimage to 260 5th Avenue should be worth it for Minkoff fans; just maybe wear your combat boots for maximum preparedness.

It's obvious why the Minkoff team picked 260 Fifth Avenue's big showroom for this sale. With more than 15 tables filled with handbags, four racks of clothing, and an oversized shoe display, anything smaller would have been out of the question.

When you enter, you'll be asked to remove your purse, coat and other cold weather belongings, and given a ticket in exchange at the coat check. From here, you'll notice four aisles of handbags. If you want to start with the lowest prices, head to the right wall for green-tagged damaged handbags for $50. There's a a huge range of styles, and the damages are typically very minimal. Be aware of a few misplaced bags on the table, though; if they're not ticketed with a green ticket, they're not $50.

The middle tables include Rebecca Minkoff's more popular designs, which are quickly being cleared. On the first table along the second row you will find the very popular M.A.C. at $175, but the remaining selection includes only bright or funky colors, loud patterns, and a very eclectic straw design.

On these middle tables you will also find the clutch collection, featuring the Rocker and Fairytale at only $100. Try to stay patient: It's hard to move along this section, since you'll be competing for space with the line of people waiting to pay.

The least crowded and most stocked aisle runs along the left wall. Here, you will find the large Jet Setter hobo bag for $250. There are many colors available, ranging from blue, red, and gold, to subdued brown and black. There's also a messy mix of the Mini Nikki, Seduction Hobo, Flare, Jane Satchel, and more all mixed together on aligning tables. The price for all these bags is $200, as you'll see if you check out the price sheets posted on the walls with images of each handbag. Sometimes the pricing can be confusing, since it's hard to match the images to the merchandise, but there are plenty of sales associates walking around to help.

In the back is where you will find the clothing, shoes, and iPad cases. On the left side, there is one rack of dresses ($150), one of shorts and skirts ($75), and one of blouses ($100). Tanks are $60 and pants are $100. Sizes for all styles are plentiful, ranging from zero to ten.

Go nuts in the shoe section along the back wall: there's a big selection and tons of sizes, though a few shoes displayed top of white boxes only come in sample size 7. Boots are priced at $175, pumps and heels at $150, and flats at $75.

Lastly, accessories (all $100) include laptop cases in many different colors, patterns, and even textures, as well as a messy table of wallets and tiny clutches, including the Jelly Bean.

The sale runs through Saturday, November 17 at 260 Fifth Avenue. Check out the dealfeed for hours and more details.—Talia Aroshas
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