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MakerBot, Purveyor of 3D Printers, Is Open on Mulberry Street

MakerBot's <a href="">Windup Walkers</a>
MakerBot's Windup Walkers

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Are you in desperate need of a $2,199 3D printer? Probably not—but if you'd like to maybe play around with one a little bit and watch other people buy them, here's your chance. The Brooklyn-based company MakerBot has just opened up a store at 298 Mulberry Street, where it sells 3D printer models, "inks," and all sorts of 3D-printed knickknacks that start as low as $5.

Those can be found inside several gumball-type machines, where everything from plastic apples to diamonds to mini Godzillas are available for purchase. Bowery Boogie also spotted a "floor-to-ceiling roller coaster-like contraption" in the window that's made of over 2,000 MakerBot-produced pieces. The in-store photos are pretty crazy themselves, but we suggest heading down there in person if you really want to get your geek on.
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298 Mulberry Street New York, NY