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The Anna Dello Fashion Shower Is Officially On at H&M

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This morning, we stopped by H&M on Fifth Avenue for the Anna Dello Russo accessories collection launch. Considering that fans were lined up outside the store this morning at 9am for the debut, it's safe to say they were ready to hop in the ADR fashion shower. Some woke up before the sun came up, and some wrote mental checklists of what items they just needed to own. And all of them brought their ADR game faces. Literally—they were handing out Anna Dello Russo masks.

The set-up was merchandised just as extravagantly as Anna herself may have hoped. Most of the accessories were showcased in glass enclosures, so if you want to buy one, an employee will personally pull out the box for you. Kind of like shopping at Tiffany's or Bergdorf, but not quite.

There was also an allotted section for shoes, like the thigh-high black boot for $299 (the most expensive of the 50-item bunch), with the model on display and the rest in fancy boxes. The turquoise luggage sets, a big draw for jet-setters who are loud and proud, were lined on a wall toward the back.

As far as the collection goes, it is as gilded, over-the-top, and fantastical as the pictures promised. If that's your thing, stack all the bracelets you can manage on your wrists, and then settle down on the robin egg blue chaises for a rest and a screen-printed cookie of Anna Dello Russo's face.
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