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Cats Must Have Come Up During Kanye and Karl's Lunch in Soho

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This morning, Page Six reported that Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West were spotted having lunch at the Mercer Hotel on Wednesday. Pretty much every major fashion blog picked up the story, and they all raised the same question: What were the two talking about? Probably cats.

Hear us out: Kanye recently bought Kim Kardashian a fluffy white kitten named Mercy who happens to look exactly like Karl's own Choupette. (For a helpful side-by-side comparison, check out this post on People's pets blog, which, by the way, is a blog that exists.) Page Six's spy writes that the two "were in a deep conversation, then later appeared to be getting devices out to discuss design ideas." Sure, maybe they were comparing sketches—but maybe they were comparing cat pics.
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