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Christopher Kane on Versace Soho and the Chinatown Bus

Kane and Versace on the Versus runway in Milan last month. Via Getty Images.
Kane and Versace on the Versus runway in Milan last month. Via Getty Images.

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Donatella Versace famously loves New York City, but what about her Versus collaborator Christopher Kane? At the new Versace store in Soho this afternoon, we asked the Scotland-born Kane about his favorite New York memory. "I remember traveling here from Virginia in one of those China buses," he said. "Now I'm such a scaredy-cat, but when you're a student, you're fearless. And I remember finding these creative pockets in New York and just having fun."

In his role as the Soho store's first guest curator, Kane has created a selection of limited-edition Versace-inspired products, including t-shirts, golden earphones, and a board game. He designed them all with the charms of Mercer Street in mind. "I think the store as a whole is a really great environment," he says. "It's big enough; you feel enmeshed in the products as soon as you walk in. Obviously, with Prada on the corner, it's a great little community here. Lots of cake you can eat."
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