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Once Again, Everything Is Under $65 at the Club Monaco Sale

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The Club Monaco sample sale is back with steep bargains for another season at Clothingline. Despite our best attempts, we couldn't find any pieces at the infamous $1 mark, but everything's still super cheap. Prices start at $5 for accessories and jewelry and top out at $65 for leather and suede items.

The full price list is in our gallery, but here's what you need to know. Tees, tanks, and polos are $10—but some sleeveless shirts are considered "tops," not "tanks," making them $20. Meanwhile, sweaters and sweatshirts are $25. As for bottoms, skirts and shorts are $20 and all pants are $25.

Toppers are broken into two categories: Blazers and denim jackets are $40, and all other outerwear is $50. Finally, all leather and suede items (including jackets, skirts, and all other styles) are $65. But there are some nuances: If a sweater is cashmere it's $50, and if an item looks leather (but isn't) you get the lower pricing for that style item. It's a good idea to inspect carefully and ask questions at the cash register to make sure you get the right price.

This is a real deal Garment District sample sale, so expect some safety pins, tears, unfinished seams, and sharpie-writing on the clothing. Also, womenswear was mostly a size medium or 6. We spotted a few size 4s and 10s in the mix, but they were very few and far between. For guys, everything is primarily a medium or Size 32, though we saw a couple of smalls and size 30s. If there's no size tag in the item, it's fair to assume it's the standard sample size.

There's also no fitting rooms and no mirrors. At last night's employee preview there were lots of people trying things on in the aisles, but we bet that Clothingline's standard, strict "no try-ons" policy will be back this morning.

For the ladies, there were loads of slouchy sheer knits and sweaters (which meant sizing matters a bit less). There were also a few khaki trenches near the entryway to the sales floor, but they were so wrinkled we couldn't decide if we liked them. Generally, the bottoms selection was our favorite. We found a pair of pleated black pleather shorts and racks of knit tweedy skirts with great detailing. There was a massive rack of stove-pipe skinny pants with pleather tuxedo trim in an assortment of autumnal hues (think forest green, burgundy, and camo-type colors) and similar styled pants that would be better suited for a business casual office.

For the guys, the racks were just as jam-packed. We found a rainbow of striped tees and polos, pastel plaid button downs, and shawl collar pullover sweaters. We also found a few cashmere pieces that were totally un-damaged. There were racks upon racks of casual shorts, khakis, and a few pairs of dress trousers tossed into the mix (but you need to dig deeper to find them). If you're a size medium and need to update your outwear, it's probably worth it to take a peek through the blazers and coats too. Think parkas, checkered wool blazers, and nylon windbreakers in neutral colors.

Don't forget to take a pass through the accessories section where nothing is more than $50. While we couldn't find a single matched pair among the $5 gloves, there was an assortment of priced-to-move tights, straw fedoras, gauzy scarves, and earthy leather handbags that probably won't last through the end of the day. The jewelry ranges from $5 to $15, but you probably need a boatload of patience to find anything noteworthy (we found nada). Plus, there's $5 books!

Bottom line: If you're a size medium girl or guy, you could have a ball restocking your closet for all the seasons to come. Just know that this probably isn't the kind of sample sale you can run into during lunch time and score big. Aside from the issues with shopping true samples, the racks were all over the place seasonally, and we spied autumn knits mixed in with breezy summer tops. You will need to take your time and inspect everything carefully to unearth the true gems.

The sale runs through Thursday, October 25th. As always, full details are available in our Dealfeed. — Kiran
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