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There Are Lots of Bags, Not as Many Tributes at the YSL Sale

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The Classic Duffel. Note: There are duffels at the sale but not necessarily the one above.
The Classic Duffel. Note: There are duffels at the sale but not necessarily the one above.

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The YSL sample sale at Soiffer Haskin opened to the public today at 9am, but Madison Avenue Spy stopped by the preview yesterday to scope out the selection ahead of time. She reports that the biggest draw might just be the bags, and says that as of Monday, there were lots of them—enough to make it through until today.

Pricing for those is as follows: Wallets are $100, clutches are $200, canvas totes are $300, postcard patent totes and duffels/weekenders are $400, Roadys are $600, and Cabas are $800. However, the best deals are on the ready-to-wear.

She writes that most of the womenswear comes from the fall 2011 collection. Blouses, tops, and skirts are $100, pants are $150, dresses and jackets are $300, and coats are $600.

As far as the shoes go, Tributes, Trib 2s, sandals, and boots are $350, and all other shoes (including men's) are $200. Of the Tributes, she adds that "there aren't a lot and the colors are not very desirable." However, "If you're into Palai bow pumps, you can expect to score big."

Lastly, the accessories. Belts are $50, sunglasses are $75, and scarves and umbrellas are $100. Cocktail rings start at just $50, and other pieces of jewelry are priced between $200 and $300.

One final tip? Since the line is probably twisted all around West 33rd Street by now, you might want to try stopping by after 3pm. Madison Avenue Spy adds, "Generally, this is the slowest time of day at a sample sale. You may not get first-round draft material but there are still lots of items to help you empty your wallet."
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