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No One from End of Century Watched Gallery Girls

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Claudia and Chantal with friend Angela Pham
Claudia and Chantal with friend Angela Pham

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Bravo's reality show Gallery Girls is purportedly about the art world, but most of its drama comes from the culture clash between uptown princesses and downtown hipsters, including the owners of Lower East Side gallery/boutique End of Century. The first season ended last night, and in honor of the finale, Fashionista sat down with EoC's Claudia Martinez-Reardon, Chantal Chadwick, and Lara Hodulick.

If you watch the show, you know that Claudia and Chantal ran into trouble trying to make their business plan work, but they tell Fashionista that they're doing just fine now thanks to all of the attention. Still, they don't sound especially enthusiastic about their newfound fame. All three say they didn't watch the show (although Chantal saw the first two episodes), and they claim their friends don't watch it either. Will they appear on a second season? "I don't think we know or really?care," says Claudia. That little pause is just so poignant, no?
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