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Whole Foods Will Open in Harlem and on the Upper East Side

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The rumors are true: Whole Foods is officially opening a Harlem location, according to an announcement sent out by the gourmet grocer yesterday afternoon. Back in June, we considered four possible spots where the chain might move in, and if you placed your bets on the southwest corner of 125th Street and Lenox Avenue, then it's time to collect. Whole Foods plans to build a 39,000-square-foot store on the property, with an opening currently forecast for summer 2015.

And that's not the only big news out of Whole Foods HQ this week. The company also revealed plans to open at 87th Street and Third Avenue on the Upper East Side. Whole Foods Regional President Christina Minardi says they've been getting requests for that area for "many, many years," and those eager locals will be happy to hear that they don't have too long to wait for the opening. The store plans to open in an existing 38,000-square-foot space in early 2014.
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