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Prices Inch Up at the Gant Sale, But It's Still Worth a Trip

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In a calendar full of women's sales and/or events stocked with the tiniest of samples, Gant's semi-annual sample sale is an oasis for the rest of us. Though a little less man-centric this time around—a few more racks seem to be devoted to womenswear and even children's items—the bulk of the stock is for dudes. Further, Gant's various lines have various sample sizes. That means you'll find plenty of of mediums, 40s and 32s to be sure, but you'll also find a vast array of items in large, 42 and 34. There's also a smattering of overstock—think that basic oxford shirt ($45) you want in literally every color. They have it in a full range of sizes, so it might be time for a restock.

Fair warning: Prices are up 10% to 30% or more almost across the board (however, blazers are still $175). You'll still find great deals, but it's not quite the extreme discount fantasy it once was. Specifically, sweaters and shirts are up $10 to $50 and $45 each, respectively; and accessories such as gloves are now $50. Last time they were $20.

At the last sale in May, we were a little surprised by just how much heavy winter garb was on the racks—who's buying a puffer or a pea in May, especially with New York-sized closets? Well, either that stuff never sold five months ago, or there's a fresh glut of it. The front of the sale is chock full of seasonally appropriate and trend-right outerwear ($150, $300 for leather, $75 for vests), like color-blocked down vests, olive green parkas, toggle-buttoned duffels and car coats in navy, chocolate, olive and various plaids—even some bits in leather.

Every little trendlet from this and the past winter or two are represented throughout. And that's fine for menswear, because nothing really moves that quickly (at least at a more traditional brand like Gant), so a guy can really build this winter's wardrobe in a one-stop, prices-slashed shop.

To wit, there are Fair Isle and intarsia-knit sweaters ($50) for miles in hunters and berries and oats, along with nautical stripes across all categories and a plethora of double-breasted blazers. Corduroy pants are $50, and they come in basically every color you can imagine in at least four different fabrications, from chic Italian-looking fine-waled to some '90s-esque macro wide-wales (you might steer clear of those).

Likewise, the chinos: Slim, five-pocketed and available in colors like melon, mustard, cobalt blue and burgundy (with cotton blazers to match). Hungry for colorblocking? Pick a rack, and you'll find it. Some favorites were a couple of almost-tuxedo jackets in red with rich black lapels and trims; a blue chambray shirt with hunter green pinpoint used as contrast on the back; and a down vest that started in olive green and topped off in butter yellow.

And the shirts are madness—there are hundreds. They range from your utter, indispensable basics (the white oxford, the pink oxford, the green oxford) to some more daring options, including pop-colored poplin, paisley prints, and an option embroidered with almost too-big hunting dogs and pheasants. Sweaters also range: There are the aforementioned busy options, but you'll also fine merino v-necks in at least a dozen colors and some simple stripes. The amount of rugby shirts ($45) is almost comical—taste the rainbow.

Accessories, ranging from $10 to $50, are also well-represented. The scarves are especially plentiful this time around—and gorgeous. Check for Prada-esque foulards amongst those standard-issue tartans and buffalo plaids. Nearby, the bins of gloves are full of pleasant surprises, like a hunter green leather pair that are a lot like last winter's from Paul Smith. Though shoes are limited, there are piles of belts, ties and hats—those range from adorable knit hats for winter days to branded baseball caps that almost seem like leftovers from Gant's last corporate retreat. But, hey—there's a purple one!

Verdict: You gotta go. Prices are still great—up to 80% off—and will almost definitely come down by Saturday. Stock is ample. There's a fitting room, and credit cards are accepted. It opened today at 10am, and you have until Saturday at 5pm to get there. If you're looking for womenswear, stay tuned; we'll be posting on that later this afternoon.
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