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Accessories Are a Big Hit at the Gant Sample Sale

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As this season's guy-friendly sample sales continue, it's no surprise that the dapper menswear selection at Gant's seasonal sample sale is attractive and plentiful. Inside, we were totally blown away by the sheer quality and quantity of the selection of trendy and classic accessories this time around.

But the prices are absolutely up from past sales—long gone are the days where you could score an armload of socks, ties, and and an errant bowtie all for under $50. We can't complain, though; instead, you get a broader selection of eye-catching prep-classics and the prices are still moderately reasonable. It's still a win-win.

This time around, pricing starts at $15 for small accessories, which the price chart describes as keychains, luggage holders, and badge holders. Did you say you've never seen a Gant keychain, luggage holder, or badge holder? Neither have we. All our digging through the accessories bins didn't turn up a single one of these items.

We did spy a few buttery leather bill-fold wallets, including a gorgeous Michael Bastian for Gant version attached to a long chain (totally '90s). But just as we got excited, we were were politely told this fell into the next category up—medium accessories for $25—even though wallets didn't appear anywhere on the price list. This is the category everyone will be ransacking.

Next up are large accessories for $50, which includes non-leather bags. We were also told that larger wallets count as large accessories (boo). Most of these bags were lackluster—we're talking basic nylon backpacks and messengers in bold preppy colors. The final price point for accessories is $75 for leather bags, but we didn't spy anything too noteworthy. There were, however, a few vintage-looking shoulderbags for ladies constructed in stiff leather. We hoped there would be a selection of slouchy leather messengers, but no such luck.

There are also a few small racks of sample shoes for the guys at $40, where everything we inspected was a size 11. (We doubt these will last long.) As usual, there was also a small selection of Gant and non-Gant women's footwear, which was probably used in the showroom for styling purposes—think Diesel and Jessica Simpson. These shoes were primarily sizes 8 and 9, and may be worth a whirl.

As a reminder, the sale will stay open through Saturday. Check the dealfeed for more into, and keep your eyes peeled for our womenswear post this afternoon.—Kiran
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