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Ladurée's Valentine's Day Macarons; Gap Closes Uptown

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UPPER EAST SIDE—You can't go wrong with any kind of macaron for Valentine's Day, but Ladurée is making life easier on indecisive lovebirds by releasing a holiday-specific limited-edition pastry. Starting February 10th, you'll be able to pick up the grapefruit-flavored treats in a special pink-and-blue box. Even if you're anti-Valentine's Day, you've got a good excuse: The macarons also celebrate the brand's 150th birthday. [Refinery29]

UPPER WEST SIDE—Say goodbye to the Gap at Broadway and 86th. The store is preparing for a January 23rd closing with a 70% off sale, but it might be too late to grab anything good. Click through for a photo of the nearly picked-clean space. [My Upper West]

Maison Ladurée

864 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021 646 558 3157 Visit Website

Maison Ladurée

864 Madison Avenue New York NY 10021