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All the Proper Nouns in the Style Section's Tyler Brûlé Profile

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There's no Critical Shopper in today's New York Times style section, but there is a three-page long profile of Monocle magazine editor and lifestyle impresario Tyler Brûlé. Hipster stores all over Manhattan carry Monocle as a sort of badge of good taste, and the brand even has its own tiny but supremely classy West Village boutique.

Since Brûle really seems to live the globe-trotting, ambassador-schmoozing life his magazine promotes, today's profile can best be absorbed as a collection of proper nouns. Leaving out the obvious ones (like, um, "Monocle"), we came up with 75 of them, organized below for your edification.

Brand names and objects
Heritage G2 tabletop radio · iPhone · OLED · Edwin · Pierre Hardy · iPad · The Canadian Football League · Gucci · Borge Mogensen · Kasthall · Swissair (now Swiss International Air Lines) · Sotheby's · Rolex · BMW · Jack Spade · J. Crew Liquor Store · Freemans Sporting Club · Encyclopaedia Britannica · Champagne · Gorgonzola · Barena · Boglioli · Hiroshi Tsubouchi · Oliver Goldsmith

Greenwich Village · Scotland · Berlin · Gstaad · Cannes · Seoul · Stockholm · Taipei · Karuizawa, Japan · The Midori House (Monocle HQ) · New York · Winnipeg · Estonia · The Iron Curtain · London · Afghanistan · Disneyland's Tomorrowland · Stockholm · Costa Rica · Dubai · the West Village ·St. Moritz · Tokyo · Sydney · Copenhagen · Amalfi Coast, Versilia · The Stockholm Archipelago

Dieter Rams (German industrial designer) · Tom Ford · Jenna Lyons · André Balazs · Christopher Fowler (British writer) · Peter Jennings · Abubaker Karmos (Libya's chargé d'affaires in Canada, duh) · Generation X

Hotels and restaurants
Le Pain Quotidien · Aria Wine Bar · Park Hyatt Tokyo · Cortiina Hotel, Munich · Baracca, St.-Moritz · Maru, Tokyo · Dinings, London

Advertising Age · The Financial Times · T: The New York Times style magazine · The BBC · The British Society of Magazine Editors · Time Inc · The Economist · GQ

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