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Five Unexpected Pieces of Boot Wisdom from Jessie Randall

Dana boots via Loeffler Randall
Dana boots via Loeffler Randall

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In today's Wall Street Journal, Jessie Randall, the New York-based creative designer and president of Loeffler Randall, drops some science about winter boots. Randall is a expert on the topic, of course—here's a resume of sorts—but we didn't quite realize that anyone could know quite so much about boots. Below is a shortened master class, based on her tips in the story:

On wearing boots with long or midi skirts: Pick a pair that are long enough that the top disappears completely under the hem. "If you wear it with a boot that leaves just two inches of leg showing, it can make you look stunted."

On picking chic rain boots: Avoid colors you wouldn't wear in regular boots, like yellow. Also, make sure they're matte.

On snow boots: Get a pair with a "motorcycle boot sole," not leather soles, because leather absorbs water. If you have a leather-soled pair you love, get a cobbler to attach a rubber sole. Just wear them around the house to break them in. "Rubber doesn't stretch the way leather does, so it's great to get the boot to mold to the shape of your foot first."

On quality: Contrary to what everyone always says, "the nicer the boot you buy, the more perishable it will be." Leave the really good shoes home when it's wet out.

On drying: Take off wet boots as soon as possible and stuff them gently with paper towels or newspaper to soak up the moisture. Don't use tissue paper; it'll just stick to your boot. And don't blow-dry, since it's bad for the leather. While they're drying, pass the time imagining it's 65 degrees out and you're about to wear these to some sort of party on a rooftop somewhere. Or maybe on a boat?
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