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Are the Models in Terry Richardson's Equinox Ads Too Skinny?

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Always-controversial photographer Terry Richardson has shot another campaign for gym chain Equinox, and Fashionista reports that some members aren't happy with the results. Richardson usually gets in trouble for his porny aesthetic (to say nothing of his gropey on-set behavior) but this time around, the problem isn't excess sexiness but lack of muscle. Writes one woman on Equinox's Facebook page:

Why did all of the models have a runway physique? Equinox is promoting health and fitness, so I would like to see some healthy and fit women on their ad campaigns who look like they could actually survive a typical Equinox class.
Of course, this being a Facebook scandal, it quickly veers off course. Here's the next comment: "How do you get a great work-out if the Cybex machine for pull-ups on E.86th St has been broken for months?" How indeed.
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