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Glowing Hudson Jeans to Take Over MePa Next Month

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Hudson has a new line of jeans with a glow-in-the-dark tuxedo stripe down the sides, and to celebrate their newfound existence, they're planning on invading the Meatpacking District with them this Fashion Week. DNAinfo reports that Hudson's "Phosphorescent Invasion" will include videos, art installations, and lots of ads posted through the city beginning next month.

Brooklyn street artist Aakash Nihalani will continue to place fluorescent tape throughout the city, and the above video will be projected onto Scoop on Washington Street and Milk Studios on February 10th. If Meatpacking needed one more way to say, "Look at me!", here it is.

Update: Hudson informs us that the jeans don't glow in the dark under their own power. They need a black light for the phosphorescence to be activated.

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