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Built By Wendy's Outlet Sale Is Cramped But Worth It

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When you think outlet store, you probably think of big spaces with heaps of clothes that you pilgrimaged to with your mom. But your normal word associations won't serve you at the Built By Wendy outlet's shuttering sale. The store still has the look and feel of its boutique days, which means tight spaces that can't really handle the masses descending to buy up the brand's 50% off already 60% off goods. Add two fitting rooms (and the obligatory fitting room line) and several employees trying to straighten disheveled piles, and you've got quite a crowded space. That said, there's a reason so many people are there: The savings are incredible.

This is a very pant-heavy sale and pricing for these range from $25 (down from $162) to $35 (down from $176). They are mostly 0/25s and 2/26s, but we did find a couple 6s in khakis and 28s in black canvas pants. There's wider size range in certain styles of denim.

As far as clothing on the racks goes, it's mostly fall and winter goods. We found substantial coats for $132.30 (were $378), tons of satin and velvet dresses, blouses for $25, and cropped sweaters for $30. For every small or medium there are two x-smalls so it pays to be tiny here (although a sales associate did mention that sizes will be replenished). For men, there's a large array of striped and plaid cotton button-downs and two size 44 jackets for $56 (down from $280).

The whole place is sandwiched between a wall of totes and a wall of tee-shirts. Both are worth checking out. The totes have a pricing guide which informed us that "$79 - 50% = $39.50 at the register", and all the colorful screen-printed tees are $22.50.

These prices will end with the outlet store itself on January 29th, but your Built By Wendy fix can still be satiated at the flagship store on Centre Market Place in Manhattan. Happy 20th to the brand and happy shopping to you!
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