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The Louboutin vs YSL Battle Heated Up Yesterday in Court

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The Christian Louboutin vs. Yves Saint Laurent red-sole shoe battle has been going on for, well, a really long time now, and things intensified yesterday at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan courthouse downtown. WWD reoports that Louboutin himself was there "clad in a navy pin-striped suit," in case you were wondering what a giant shoe mogul wears to defend his right to basically own a specific shade of red.

Louboutin's lawyer had filed an appeal on the verdict of a Manhattan Southern District judge, who denied Louboutin a preliminary injunction that would have stopped YSL from making these shoes. To sum it all up, both lawyers went back and forth for a while; YSL's lawyer made a jab at how Louboutin "believes he's an artist"; Louboutin gave a "Gallic shrug" to that; and there was snickering from "fashionistas and lawyers" alike. Perhaps the best part of the entire WWD story, however, is the description of Diane von Furstenberg's arrival.

Louboutin was flanked by Diane von Furstenberg, a friend and president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, who swooped into the courtroom wearing gold-rimmed aviators and a long black sparkly knit sweater over an off-white turtleneck and black skirt.

(Because if we were ever in court for something like this we would absolutely hope that DVF would be the person to sashay in and save the day.) Now, the judges will decided whether or not to reverse the original ruling: If they do, then Louboutin and YSL will gear up for—guess what—another face-off in court.
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