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Fashion's Night Out 2012 Officially Has a Date

The scene at Macy's last year via Getty Images
The scene at Macy's last year via Getty Images

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Up until about two months ago, the fate of Fashion's Night Out had yet to be decided. But, to the relief of some and the aggravation of others, it was officially confirmed by the CFDA that it will return in 2012. With the Fashion Week scheduling dispute finally settled, FNO now has a date: September 6th. You can do one of three things about it.

1. Jump in, head first. Embrace it in all of its wackadoo outfit, free booze glory, because after all, when else can you get a free manicure at Chanel or hang out in one store for a borderline-obnoxious amount of time without actually buying anything?

2. Hide Indoors. Get yourself a bottle of wine. Close the blinds. Turn up the TV to drown out the sounds of this. And if you really want to know what you're missing out on, you can follow it on Twitter. There will be hashtags.

3. Take it with a grain of salt. Resign yourself to the fact that you're not going to be able to get a cab, anywhere, and participate. One word of advice: Pick one place that's not going to attract a gazillion people and stay there—preferably somewhere that's not going to run out of Champagne by 8pm.
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