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Williamsburg's Life: Curated Hosts a Well-Priced Noho Sale

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Step into the Life: Curated sale and you'll not only want the brand to curate your life but arrange it as well. The team was nice enough to let us preview the sale before it opened at 10am, and at that point they had impeccably organized everything from the men's and women's clothes to the accessories by price, starting with $10 tanks. Okay, Life: Curated, want to take on our closets now?

On the right of the room once you're through the door, you'll find women's tanks and tees for $10 and more elaborately styled and printed shirts for $30. The $30 rack also has the wide-crotched pants and a few t-shirt dresses. Cotton shorts and structured tops decorate the $40 rack while the $50, $75, and $100+ sections contain most of the outerwear, sweaters, and cocktail dresses. Click through the gallery to check out some of our favorite pieces!

Menswear meets womenswear at the $100+ mark and follows in descending order by price—ah, symmetry! This section is predictably sparser than the women's but it's by no means anemic. There are tons of $10 and $20 tees plus $30to $50 button-downs in wide variety of not-your-typical-plaid looks. Men's pants range from sizes 30-36 but there are only one or two different sizing options for each style.

Moving along, four bins of $40 geometric patterned throw pillows make up the entirety of the home goods section. These are followed by a few choices for men's shoes for $40 to $50—about one of each in sizes 35 to 44, if that. Women's shoes include sandals, wedge sandals, flats for $75, two Dolce Vita pumps each for $40, and Viennetta flat sued booties with a braid detail around the ankle for $100. Sizing is a bit haphazard but there is one of each size between 35 and 38 in the latter and a large selection of the Dolce Vita pumps. Above the shoes, you'll find a few bras pictured above for $40 and $50, underwear for $20, and boyshorts also for $20.

Down the middle of the space runs an accessories table, and it's definitely a highlight of the sale. If you regret missing out on the Rebecca Minkoff sale, you can find one of her bags marked down to $175 (from $345). There are neat piles of military style gloves for $10 and infinity scarves for $30. There are rings from $30 to $75 in beaded, silver, gunmetal, and brass, as well as wooden bangles for $50 and a line of jewelry that can most accurately be described as a weird, cog-like wheel thingies in neon plastic. And then there are cute Alice in Wonderland "Drink me" necklaces. Check. It. Out.

As we were leaving the showroom, the first sale-goers were trickling in, so we'd suggest getting there soon. The racks might look packed but there are usually one or a couple items of each style. Also, the goods are mostly past-season textiles, but occasionally the slow-moving Fall 2011 item shows up as well. The sale runs until Sunday at 7pm and credit's accepted. Happy shopping!
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