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Queens Could Get an Apple Store Before Brooklyn

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A Forest Hills real estate developer says he's talking to Apple about opening a store on the neighborhood's main retail drag, Austin Street. Heskel Group Chairman Yeheskel Elias tells the Daily News that the store could be open by 2013, adding "I will do anything I can to bring Apple in. Queens has to have an Apple store." The famously tight-lipped chain, on the other hand, is a bit less effusive. A spokeswoman said only that Apple hasn't made any recent announcements on outer-borough openings.

Apple currently maintains a store in Staten Island as well as the five in Manhattan. There's also an Apple in Manhasset, not far beyond where Queens turns into Long Island. But there isn't an Apple store in Brooklyn despite the valiant efforts of Borough President Marty Markowitz, who went so far as to shoot a video of himself pleading for an Apple store back in 2010. He's definitely not going to be happy if Queens gets there first.
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