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Moschino Gets Down with Monochromatic and All That Jazz

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Traditionally the post-Christmas period ushers in not just sales, but also the most austere window displays. Take Bergdorf Goodman for example. They went from over-the-top, animal-filled tableaux involving custom gowns during holiday to the plain paper sheafs and stark, color-blocked wearable looks of now.

Naturally this means we had to hop down to perennial window favorite Moschino to glimpse their newest display. It's as we suspected: minimal. A New Year's jazzy celebration theme replaces the penguins of late 2011, but the monochromatic tuxedo inspiration remains. Um, and how ridiculous (in a good way) are those kisslock heels?

Just in case you were wondering, by the way: Yes, the boutique is running a sale right now.
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