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Cursed Missoni for Target Finds Its Way to Thrift Store

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The saga of the Missoni x Target collaboration from fall 2011 never seems to end. Even as we near the February 5th release of the Target's next collab, with Jason Wu, Missoni's stripes still show up here and there, most recently in the Goodwill thrift store at the Steinway stop in Astoria.

While doing a donation run this weekend, we spotted about seven of the green corduroy coats marked $34.99, as well as a few of the coveted zig-zaggy cardigans, one of the sheer swirl shirts and a handful of toddler sweaters on the very front display racks. Fluorescent lighting does nothing for Missoni's colors, by the way.

Some theories on how these got out to Astoria:

· Target dumped a shipment at a Goodwill distribution center, and some of it trickled here. (There were also a few Calypso x Target dresses present to corroborate this theory).
· A shopper, swept up in the release and eBay hype, grabbed whatever she could get but was unable to turn it all around on eBay. Finally got fed up with having piles of Target clothing sitting around and just donated it.
· One of the many shoppers who had their online orders cancelled, but then received the items for free, decided she didn't want the items anyway.

Any other guesses? It's been a rough season for collabs; we even spotted a whole section of Versace x H&M (including the $250 gold metal dress) languishing at the 5th Avenue flagship on Saturday.

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