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Prepare to Spend All Weekend in the AllSaints Check-Out Line

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After hearing tales of long lines and large markdowns, we decided to check out the AllSaints sample sale ourselves, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Three days into the sale, the line still snaked around the front of the store and then extended well into the men's section on the top floor. Any desire to sneak in some shopping on the job was immediately squelched when we saw the queue and the wearily determined faces of those in it. That said, the speed-up-your-shopping-trip-quick-tip numero uno? Bring cash. The few folks who carried paper, not plastic, were escorted to the front.

As mentioned before, the line to the register shared space with the men's section, making a bit difficult for the guys to shop for their $15 short sleeve polos, graphic t-shirts, button downs, and blazers in materials ranging from silk to velvet. Poor dudes. The good news is that though medium seemed to be the size of choice here, both smaller and larger sizes weren't scarce, and there was a variety of styles to choose from. Also, available in the men's section were $14 scarves and $5 prints.

Downstairs in the women and children's section there's $7 polos for the little ones and jewelry, bags, shoes, and clothes for their moms. (Quick reminder: the sizing for women's clothing is UK style, so subtract four from the stated size.) The usual dark, grungy fare in taffeta, linen, cotton, and silk was cut with a couple of neon sequined numbers for $92.

Everything is 70% off except for specifically marked items like caftans, which were $40, and puffer jackets for $50 . Some pricing is a bit difficult to ascertain since many of the items apparently went through a round of price cuts before arriving on the sample sale floor, and they still bear the red ink from past sales. Don't be fooled; the 70% off is taken from the retail price, pre-markdown.
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