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Bejeweled Owner Agrees to Stop Selling Swastika-Like Earrings

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Image via Gawker

The owner of Greenpoint accessories shop Bejeweled told City Councilman Steve Levin that she's going to stop selling a style of swastika-esque earrings after they caused an uproar earlier this week.

The earrings aren't quite the same shape as the Nazi swastika—the arms bend left instead of right—and initially a store manager defended them as a symbol of eternity. "It's not a Nazi symbol," she told Fox News. "I don't know what's the problem. My earrings are coming from India as a Buddhist symbol."

The manager also told Fox that before yesterday, she had received no complaints. But after Levin raised concerns in a noon meeting, store owner Young Sook Kim agreed to take the earrings off the sales floor.
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