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BK Jeweler Sells Earrings That Look Suspiciously Like Swastikas

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Image via Gawker

Greenpoint jewelry store Bejeweled has been selling earrings that look an awful lot like swastikas, and this week the shop got into some trouble with local New York politicians. The NYDN reports that not only is the store selling them, but it's apparently selling a lot of them: At the time of publication yesterday, the store had sold all but one pair.

Gawker points out that the symbol isn't totally a swastika, as the lines turn to the left rather than the right, but still—it looks like a swastika. The manager of Bejeweled said that the earrings mirror the Tibetan symbol for eternity, not a swastika, and added: "These people are ignorant. They shouldn't say anything if they don't know anything about symbols. I find this offensive." State Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Downtown Brooklyn found that defense to be "nauseating."
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