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Learn How to Become a Retail Success at Tonight's Afingo Forum

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Tonight, fashion resource group Afingo is hosting a forum about how young designers can get their products into stores. Called "How and Where to Sell", the lineup features three retail success stories: Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker, Carl Cunow of men's swimwear line Onia, and designer Gemma Kahng. They'll be talking shop with buying expert Jennifer Mankins of Bird and PR and showroom guru Denise Williamson on a panel moderated by Racked's own Izzy Grinspan (um, that would be me.)

It all goes down at 7pm at Soho House, and although it's technically sold out, we've got tickets for two lucky Racked readers. To attend, just email the words "Afingo me!" to We'll make sure the first two people to respond are added to the list.
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Soho House

29-35 Ninth Avenue New York NY 10014