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There Was A Royal Dachshund Wedding at Bergdorf's FNO Party

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Last night for Fashion's Night Out one of our stops was, of course, the 2nd annual BG Best in Show dog show at Bergdorf Goodman. Because there was already a line to get into the department store at about 6:40, we had to skip Michael Kors in the windows—sorry—because we needed to snag a spot to watch those dogs! Except Bergdorf was packed inside too and had it not been for Lady Bunny lip-synching to her own DJ set at the Fifth Avenue entrance, our anxieties might have been a little too high to handle dogs in frilly clothes.

The dog show was supposed to start at 7pm on the third floor, but like fashion dogs are wont to do, they were late. Around 7:30, host James Aguiar came out in a white suit and white shoes with colorful googley-eyes all over, and announced that one of the awards that would be given out later that evening would be the Paws de la Huerta award. And then Bergdorf's Linda Fargo came out in a red fur jacket and pretended to be a dog.

Other judges included Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig of Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, Naeem Khan, Santiago Gonzalez, and Bagsnob's Tina Craig. CNN was also there, which made us feel a little more justified in our complete and utter excitement over these dogs.

Except we couldn't really see much because by the time it started, it was packed. But what we did see was adorable! Joseph Altuzarra walked a schnauzer named Bean, and Cushnie et Ochs designers Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs also walked a schnauzer (is this the new cool dog? Sorry, pugs.) that had a leather fringe leash.

John Barrett took some time out from his $45 braids to walk the salon's dog, Chaser, who we're pretty sure was wearing something from Alexis Bittar—a collar, perhaps? But the absolute best moment of all was when Mark Badgley and James Mischka brought out two daschunds who were dressed in royal wedding clothes. All in all, some of the dogs were more hammy than others, some walked only when bribed with a treat, and some demanded to be carried. But one thing's for sure: Clapping to encourage a dog to do something like walk down a purple runway usually has the opposite effect. Just saying.

But—there were winners! The star pups of the competition were Joseph Altuzarra and BeanBadgley Mischka and Whiskey and Rommel (duh), and Lela Rose and Stitch. And because it probably couldn't get much better than a royal dog wedding, we headed out shortly after to try and catch part of the very bizarre BG Whisker Wars Roundtable Discussion at the men's store, which starred Whoopi Goldberg (what the hell?) and was moderated by Glen O'Brien.

This sounded like it could have been the most awesome, albeit the weirdest, thing happening last night, but in actually, it kind of tanked. We can't really say what the debate even included, because you couldn't hear anything. A roundtable discussion usually does not work when people are drinking, or its not Thanksgiving. So while we caught a quick glimpse of Whoopi in the flesh for a moment (you couldn't see, either), we still don't know how she feels about beards. But hey, at least we saw the dogs.
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