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7-Year-Old Decides to Wear a Tuxedo to His First Day of School

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With Mayor Bloomberg, image via NYP
While the rest of New York dolls itself up for Fashion Week, here's a 7-year-old who decided to wear a tuxedo on his first day of second grade. Not only did he dress to impress, but Kyle Falls knew that the luxury tower his Spruce Street School resides in was designed by Frank Gehry: "It's a very special thing, the Frank Gehry building. It looks really cool, and I figured I should dress up."

So dress up he did. The Post reports that Kyle's dad said the tuxedo was a "remnant of Kyle's sixth-birthday party," which was a secret-agent themed because Kyle really likes James Bond. His dad also said that Kyle was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, but then decided: "Wait a minute...I need my tuxedo."
· Boy’s 1st day of ‘class’ [NYP]

Spruce Street School

52 Chambers Street New York NY 10007