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Beth Ditto Likes to Think of Herself as a High-End Fairy Godmother

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Last night, while the Kardashian maelstrom howled outside on Spring Street, a crowd gathered inside the M.A.C. store for a totally different kind of celebrity performance. The group that came out for Beth Ditto included women with Betsey Johnson hair, men with spiked shoulder jewelry, and one guy who had a full face of tattoos but wasn't Zombie Boy. Before the show, we managed to snag a few minutes with Beth. Naturally, we asked about shopping.

Where do you shop when you're here?
I don't even know! I love H&M. I just moved from London, so I didn't really hit up the Topshop. I like Bloomingdale's. I like the department stores because I can get everything I need in one stop. I don't spent a lot of time in New York—I'm always in and out.

Taking a page from Racked National, what's your biggest retail regret?
Regret? You know what, if I don't like something, I give it away to someone who does. One time I talked to a psychic and she was like, "You always have a pile of clothes on the outside of your door, ready to go to people that you know will like them." And I was like "I do! I literally always have a pile in a basket outside of my bedroom door where I just throw things that I bought because I thought someone would love them." So even if I don't like it, I'm like "I know somebody who will love this." Always. It doesn't matter where it's from—I always do that. So I don't have a lot of regret. I call myself the high-end fairy godmother.

Tell me about your look for tonight.
[Gestures towards black velvet dress. Note: Not the one in the photo above.] This is from Goodwill. I just bought a jacket—unbelievable, it's crushed velvet, I got it for 12 pounds. You'll find a lot of them in thrift stores right now.
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