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Chanel Took Its Fashion's Night Out Manicures Very Seriously

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Yesterday the Soho Chanel hosted its annual Fashion's Night Out manicure bar. On-and-off screams were heard coming from Dash down the block (for DJ Pauly D or the Kardashian Klan), but people waiting to get in maintained their composure, with the exception of a few judgmental eye rolls.

Four single manicure stations were set up in the middle of the store, while the remainder of the store was open for people to browse and shop. Attractive men in black (tie included) carrying shiny black trays of iced tea and water greeted shoppers at the front of the store.

Music played softly in the background while manicure coordinators walked around signing people up for their manicure time slots. The importance of adhering to appointment times could not be stressed enough. One coordinator sternly told one customer, "If you are late by even one second, your appointment is forfeited. Be at your station five minutes early."

Professional manicurists from Prive Salon in Soho were hired for the event. Everyone seemed to be requesting Les Jeans de Chanel. Some people skipped the manicure stations and headed straight for the register to purchase the collection. Each bottle of "Blue Rebel," "Coco Blue," and "Blue Boy" would only set them back $29, while regular colors cost $25.—Katherine Park
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