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Nichola Formichetti's Seven-Foot Panda Bear Made It to FNO

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Nicola Formichetti's pop-up shop opened to the public last night at Fashion's Night Out. When we arrived at 8:30pm, there was a small line of about twenty people waiting to get in. (We're actually surprised that the line wasn't longer.) At the entrance stood a seven foot-tall stuffed panda bear, part of Formichetti's promotion of his new panda character.

Inside, in what felt like a Lady Gaga music video, we were greeted warmly by employees and Gaga's song "Scheiße." There was so much to take in. Besides the dizzying shards of mirrored glass everywhere, the front of the store has brightly-colored vintage Versace pieces as well as mummified mannequins draped in Formichetti's designs. Three sets of TVs played his runway collaboration with MAC.

Formichetti's muse, Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, was present, posing in photos and socializing with guests. If you missed out on this amazing opportunity, don't despair: The store will be open for two more weeks.—Danielle Desmond
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