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Inflatable Pool Toys and a K-Pop Star at Lacoste's FNO After-Party

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Lacoste's Fashion's Night Out after-party had a lot of the standard upscale characteristics: Exclusivity, Patron cocktails, ambient lighting, and a great location at Gansevoort Park Hotel. The walls of the venue were adorned with Lacoste logos and some screens displaying videos of the brand's latest line. Continuing the crocodile theme was the presence of several inflatable crocodile pool toys, complete with handles, which ended up being toted around the bar or even soaring through the air.
The crocs really took flight (and deflated) when the party's live performance by indie pop band Foster the People began, at which point,attendees went from quietly lounging and socializing to rushing the corner stage and chanting "Play the 'Kicks' song!".

Foster the People weren't the only musical celebrities in the room last night, as New York got a visit from international sensation U-Know Yunho. Yunho, the lead singer of K-pop band DBSK (whose fan club has the Guinness World Record for most members) and his entourage of three camera men and a small crowd of followers roamed the party into the morning exuding an aura of fame to onlookers.—Payton Wang
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