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Inside Missoni x Target: Crowds Go Crazy While Giant Doll Tweets

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Last night, we stopped by the madhouse that was the Missoni for Target pop-up shop at Bryant Park, and found the presumably-stocked shelves mid-ravage by the time that we showed up, on time. One of the first things you notice upon entering is that old-timey car—which we've learned is a Fiat—parked right in the corner with the Missoni bikes and other travel-related accessories nearby. One employee was pulling the last suitcase that was left out of the car for one woman who was pretty much dying for it.

And then of course the other thing you notice right away is Marina, the 25-foot blogger doll who really likes to tweet. Possibily the best/most ridiculous sight of the evening was watching the two staffers lift Marina's hands via a giant pole, so that she could send out all her tweets on a giant iPhone. Other staffers were handing out her business card, so if you wanted to tweet Marina right then and there, well, you couldn't—there was no room to even stick your hand in your bag to pull out your phone. And then, there was the merchandise.

For starters, it was hard to get a good look at all of the merchandise, since most of it was in the hands of Missoni-hungry editors. For what we did touch, we'll say this: It definitely looks like Missoni, but if feels a little like Target, as in, you can tell it shouldn't be priced at over $1,000. That being said, the clothes seemed pretty good. Some pieces appeared to be doing better than others, like the poncho-style sweaters and the pajama-like short shorts. On the other hand, things like a mustard coat and a pink turtleneck were kind of just sitting there, but maybe people only wanted to buy things that were blatantly zig-zag.

The real gems seem to be the housewares, all inexpensively priced and all very cute. Keep your eyes peeled for vases, shower curtains, throw pillows, dishes, and trays. Downstairs features most of the clothes and smaller home goods, but upstairs is kind of like Ikea in that there's sort of a fake bathroom and a fake bedroom. The fake bathroom, of course, has the Missoni shower curtain in it, hanging around a tub next to a mannequin in a robe. Over in the fake bedroom is the Missoni for Target bedspread and throw pillows, which at the time, were partially obscured by a woman who was throwing all of her crap on the bed.

Other notables included the rainboots, the ballet flats (all we saw were children's sizes though), the tights, and laptop cases. The pop-up officially opens up tonight for Fashion's Night Out, and we'd say get there early, but that's what we did yesterday and it was still a shitshow. But that doesn't mean there isn't tons of stuff to buy, and we would have done just that if maybe we had prepared a way to leave with one of the bikes. Parked outside of the pop-up, there was a rented moving van, which we're guessing was someone's way of preparing to take a bike—and maybe the patio furniture—home.
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