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Free Chanel Manicures Compete with Dash for Attention in Soho

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Today in fashion hazing: We asked brand-new Racked intern Katherine Park to wait in line for a mini-manicure at Chanel in Soho. Her updates follow.

5:21pm: Just got to Chanel. Something's happening at the Kardashians' store. I hear ridiculous screams.

5:22pm: The madness is growing by the second. Some people are running. Meanwhile, there are eight people in front of me at Chanel.

5:28pm: They haven't started the manicures yet (they're scheduled for 6pm) but people are shopping inside.

5:32pm: Line cutters! There are now ten people in front of me.

5:35pm: Rent the Runway reps just stopped by the Chanel line and handed out free Ray-Ban–style pink sunglasses.

5:37pm: There's even a guy in front of me.

5:40pm: OK, now they're getting serious. They're setting up ropes to separate the line and sidewalk.

5:44pm: The line's growing at a good pace...but not as quickly as Dash's.

5:47pm: There are now about 25 people behind me. Some curious passersby are asking which celeb is in Chanel. When we tell them we're waiting for manicures they nod and walk away.

5:50pm:...aaaand someone just asked me if this was the line for Dash.

5:52pm: I spy greeters holding trays of refreshing beverages. Iced tea? There are about 50 people in line behind me now.

6:02pm: One girl just walked by saying, "I don't do lines. I'm sorry."

6:03pm: They're still not letting people in. Fashionably late.

6:05pm: More screams coming from Dash.

6:09pm: They're letting us in! Stay tuned for recaps tomorrow.

Chanel Soho

139 Spring Street, New York NY