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Battle of the Fashion's Night Out Cupcakes: Crumbs vs Magnolia

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At left, the Crumbs cupcake; at right, Magnolia's offerings
At left, the Crumbs cupcake; at right, Magnolia's offerings

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This Thursday night, look out for a charitable cupcake showdown: Crumbs and Magnolia are going head-to-head with competing Fashion's Night Out treats. The elaborate Crumbs contender has a white chocolate brownie body and vanilla cream cheese icing, while Magnolia's more classic version comes in chocolate or vanilla topped with the shop's famous buttercream frosting. Pricing hasn't been confirmed for Crumbs, but last year's option was $4, or 25 cents more than what Magnolia plans to charge. Kind of expensive for a cupcake—but both stores plan to donate some proceeds to the NY Community Trust.
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