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HBO's Denim Show Has a Capsule Collection on JackThreads

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Thrillist's members-only menswear site JackThreads really likes the show How to Make It in America. The HBO show about, well, how to make it in America—specifically in the NYC denim fashion scene—is about to enter its fourth second season, and to celebrate, JackThreads has teamed up with a few other companies to present the HTMIIA Capsule Collection. First up: A collab with Mishka NYC.

JackThreads says that the Mishka NYC pieces are only the first of the three sales it will have on its website for the HTMIIA collection, which will include Mishka's skull shirts inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail. Other collaborators for the remaining sales will be with Good Wood (they made Luis Guzmàn-inspired necklaces) and Dr. Romanelli, a brand available exclusively on JackThreads.
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