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Bergdorf Goodman Loves Flea Markets So Much, It's Hosting One

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Images via 5th at 58th

First Ralph Lauren's Rugby label decided to sponsor a costume-party bike ride. Next, Uniqlo announced that it would have a booth at the Atlantic Antic. And now Bergdorf Goodman is hosting a flea market. At the rate that big-time retail is embracing Brooklyn obsessions, we wouldn't be surprised to find staffers building a chicken coop in the women's contemporary department at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Last weekend, Bergdorf kicked off the 5F Flea with vintage from What Goes Around Comes Around and a preview of Dannijo's holiday collection. The department store made its intentions clear on its blog:

Confession: we're kind of obsessed with flea markets. Hello, New York: we've jumped on board and think they're grand. So we've created our own little homage to the great weekend expanse known as the Brooklyn Flea.
This weekend, the flea returns, but this time it's "channeling a DIY rocker spirit." What that means, of course, is studs, affixed to your clothing by the team behind WGACA and their trusty studding machine, as well as custom engraving from jewelry line Emily & Ashley and band tees from House of the Gods. You'll also find Ramy Sharp of Ramy Brook and Amy Smilovic of Tibi showing off their creations, as well as a DJ, brunch snacks, and tarot readings from accessories designer Amy Zerner.
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