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Find This Hair Stylist a Husband, Get Free Hair for Life

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Hair stylist Jill Hammelman spends so much time working at her East Village business Extensions by JILL that she doesn't have time to meet guys. So a few months ago, she hatched a plan to combine her livelihood with her search for love. Every client who sets her up on a date gets 20% off hair services. A second date means a second 20% off, and so on. If Hammelman and her man decide to get married, the client who introduced them gets free styling for life. Considering that the average woman spends a minimum of $50,000 on her hair over the course of her lifetime, that's a pretty amazing deal.

"I built this business by referral," explains Hammelman in a YouTube video. "So I figured, why not try for love?" So far, her offer has yielded more than a dozen dates, although Hammelman says she hasn't found the one quite yet. If you're interested in accepting her challenge, try to find someone smart and quirky: She writes on her blog that her celebrity crush is a cross between Stephen Colbert and Jeff Goldblum.

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