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What You'll Find at Zadig & Voltaire's First Sample Sale

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Today marks the third day of Zadig & Voltaire's first sample sale. The French brand, known for its delicate basics and casual cool, has set up shop at 260 Fifth Avenue with discounts of up to 80% on 6,000 pieces from their summer and winter collections.

There was no line outside the door when we stopped by yesterday afternoon, but the store was filled with shoppers on a hunt for a good deal. Aside from one customer complaining about the coat check at the front door and the open dressing rooms behind a partition of kids' clothing racks, shoppers seemed happy, which could probably be attributed to the wide array of discounts. General prices were listed along each rack according to clothing or accessory type, and we spotted more than a few good deals.

The accessories tables were sparse. The only thing that really stood out to us was a camouflage-print crossbody bag for $270 (from $630), as well as a table of leather belts for $48 (from $155). The clothing racks, however, were fully stocked and ready to browse. Standouts included a green faux-fur–lined parka for $200 (from $565), a red sequined dress for $135 (from $505), and a velvet blazer for $180 (from $415). Shirts included a military-inspired button-down for $70 (from $265), a short sleeve tunic for $30 (from $75), an oatmeal sweater for $90 (from $230), and a cotton/wool sweater for $80 (from $225). And deals on pants weren't bad: Leggings for $38 (from $85), white pants for $80 (from $310), jeans for $80 (from $235.)

There weren't as many men's or kids' clothes as women's, but we liked some men's button-down shirts for $70 (from $185), a men's gray coat for $190 (from $695), and an adorable kids' striped sweater for $38 (from $95). The only thing we didn't see were Zadig & Voltaire's sweet leather mini-skirts and metallic pants.

When asked about the most popular item at the sale, one cashier said "Everything." So we suggest heading over to Fifth Avenue soon. The sample sale ends this Sunday at 4pm, and all sales are final. Both cash and credit cards are accepted.—Katherine Park
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