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Did a Coney Island Supermarket Padlock Its Employees Inside?

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Image via the Daily News
Accusations are swirling today over whether or not the owners of Fine Fare Supermarket in Coney Island put padlocks on the outside of their roll-down gates while stock employees worked inside, overnight. NBC reports that yesterday, officials from the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration said that a "surprise" inspection on April 1 revealed the locks and "multiple sliding bolts" on the exits.
The store owners and even its employees all deny the accusations, as does the store's lawyer. But OSHA's David Michaels compares the store owners to New York City sweatshop laborers of the early 1900s: "A century later, we still find employers locking in their employees or otherwise obstructing emergency exit access." Owners Luis Corona and the Mermaid Meat Co. are being charged with fines that total $62,300.

· Supermarket Locked in Workers at Night: Feds [NBC]

Fine Fare Supermarket

2901 Mermaid Avenue Brooklyn NY