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Some Three Hundred People Are Already Lined Up at Hermès

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The monster Hermès sale is back with a vengeance, offering up to 70% off the luxury label at private sale site Soiffer Haskin in Herald Square. Below, Tiffany Yannetta reports live from the scene.

Above, that's just a wee portion of the line circa 8am.

8:02am: Good morning! There are three lines already, one on the side of the street of the sale and two on the opposite side.

8:04am: A staffer says that as soon as they let the first group in, our line (the third line) is gonna move up a long ways, but says that then we're just gonna sit there. He estimates there's anywhere from 200 to 300 people in line.

8:11am: Since I showed up I'd say another 35 people or so have joined the line and I guarantee this line hits Ninth Avenue at some point before the sale even opens.

8:16am: The staffer by me is letting people leave the line if they have to go to the bathroom, but makes them announce it to everyone around them so there's no issue when they return.

8:18am: Most of the 300 or so line-waiters are women. In my line, there's only two or three guys.

8:20am: This is honestly blowing my mind, how many people are here.

8:27am: Progress! I've now moved up to the second part of the line!

8:28am: The construction guys across the street aren't even fazed.

A view of Soiffer Haskin from deep within the line.

8:34am: Controversy! Another staffer thinks one of the women ahead of me just cut in line, but she claims she's been here the whole time and she told the other staffer she was going to get breakfast. He keeps telling her to go to the back of the line but she won't budge.

8:36am: They're yelling at each other. The staffer says, "I get paid to be the guy who stops people from jumping in the line."

8:37am: He also just said, "Why do I have to explain how to do a line?"

8:40am: OMG. The staffer is yelling, "You don't pay me, someone else pays me," and then something about personally escorting the woman out of the line. I can't entirely hear what he's saying because she keeps screaming things like "I WILL get in."

8:50am: OK, the fight is resolved. He just returned to the girl and said, "Don't you want to shop? I'm not being mean, but if you want to shop go to the back of the line." Zing!

8:52am: The woman in front of me, who is maybe the nicest woman in the world, spoke up about how it's not fair for her to join the line (which seems to be what happened, the breakfast story was most likey BS) and the line-cutter snaps, "This must be your first time here," The nice woman went back to reading her book, also unfazed.

Getting closer! That's the line at the entrance.

8:54am: We've moved up a little! I can't see the end of the line anymore, but it's probably close to hitting Ninth Ave.

9:05: This staffer wins the award for Best Sample Sale Sense of Humor. A woman walked up to him and started asking questions about when we would be let in. Then she asks if he knows what merchandise is inside. He goes, "Hermes."

9:06am: Something tells me he's been dreading this day all week.

9:10am: And now: The line-cutting woman admits defeat, leaves. The staffer tries to high-five her friend, who is obvs not having any of that. The nice woman in front of me is over it and tells them both to stop.

9:18am: We've moved up to where you can cross the street to get to the other line! Now I have a perfect view of everyone who keeps going to the back of the first line, thinking it's the end.

9:23am: Line rumormongering: One woman says she heard you can only get one scarf per person.

9:31am: Two women just walked out with one very small bag each, saw the line, and said "Oh my god." And a handful of people have walked out with nothing.

9:37am: Two suits wearing Hermes belts are trying to plead their way in. Now they're both calling/texting someone.

9:40am: Oh, psych. Only one of the suits has an Hermes belt on. There's two people in front of me now to get into the building.

9:50am: A girl just walked by with one of those Thursday Friday canvas bags that has a Birkin printed on it. I feel like that was a planned statement.

9:51am: Oh cute, two more lines inside.

10:00am: I'm now a part of the second line on the stairs!

10:04am: One more flight to go! People are all walking out with small bags.

10:11am: And I'm in! It only took me a little over two hours.

Stay tuned for a full report from inside. In the meantime, here's a teaser shot to tide you over.

Soiffer Haskin

317 W 33rd Street, New York, NY 718-747-1656 Visit Website

Soiffer Haskin

317 W. 33rd Street, New York NY 10001