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Apple's Fifth Avenue Cube Begins to Emerge from Its Wrappings

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Left: The store in June via @veryjr/Twitter. Right: Rendering of the new cube via Apple.

Apple's glassy uptown flagship spent the summer bound up in a full body cast, but now the bandages are coming off. AppleInsider reports that workers have begun removing the wooden struts from the building's temporary wrapper. The slow striptease will ultimately reveal a redesigned entrance cube made up of 15 giant glass panels, instead of the 90 panels that used to comprise the structure. According to AppleInsider's tipster, the massive new panes are already visible, although they still have a protective coating on them.

The flagship's full renovation, which will cost Apple nearly $7 million, was supposed to debut in November. But if they're already unwrapping the space, maybe this will be the rare makeover that comes in ahead of schedule. For more photos, check AppleInsider.
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