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Seven New Yorkers to Follow on Social Shopping Site Svpply

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On Svpply, users create lists of items they want to buy, or at least items they want to show off to their followers. Each profile is sort of like a gift registry and sort of like a style blog, a format that really lends itself to those whose day jobs include some sort of curation or product design. We asked the folks behind the company to recommend seven of their local favorites.

1.) Anthony Sperduti: An art director by trade, Sperduti works as the "Partners" half of creative agency and wacky Noho shop Partners & Spade. His Svpply profile is made up of the same random well-designed items you might find at his store—everything from red-white-and-blue sneakers to vintage boxing magazines and a canister of Morton's salt.

2.) Steven Alan: The Americana-focused designer's profile lists a lot of what you'd expect, like this Pendleton throw and this orange parka. But he also links to cool, modernist housewares. Who wants to buy us this two-person rocking chair? We'll totally let you sit in half of it.

3.) The Shiny Squirrel: Jessica Goldfond works behind the scenes with all sorts of up-and-coming Brooklyn designers, operating as a kind of one-woman showroom. Svpply profile stand-outs: A big chunky Orly Genger rope necklace and some crazy pink fan shoes.

4.) Josh Spear: Marketing strategist Spear is already known as a trend-spotter through his eponymous personal blog, so Svpply is really just another platform for him. Sample products: Colorblocked men's gloves and a crumpled tissue box that will make you feel incredibly sophisticated whenever you have to blow your nose.

5.) Swissmiss: Tina Roth Eisenberg is a Swiss expat, a designer, and a blogger. She's also clearly a big fan of rainbows, as evinced by these keyboard stickers and this backgammon board.

6.) Michael Karnjanaprakorn: The founder of NYC start-up Skillshare has an eye for sneakers. Check out these Nikes, these Nikes, and this "Running Sucks" tee—which is sold, of course, by Nike.

7.) Brooklyn Dry Goods: Founders Jahn Hall and Kurt Uhlendorf keep the vintage brand's profile stocked with curious old-timey items like a waterproof First Aid kit and brass compass from Canada.