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C. Wonder Wants a Big Green Door at 72 Spring in Soho

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Chris Burch, ex-husband of Tory Burch, wants to make his mark when he opens his new C. Wonder flagship boutique in Soho, and he hopes to do it with a big set of bright green doors. The door handles are shaped in the C. Wonder logo: A mega-sized and extravagant "C" to match the luxury women's retail that will be found inside. The shop, covering over 5,000 square feet at 72 Spring Street and now being readied by a busy construction crew, sits within the recently expanded Soho Cast Iron Historic District, so the proposal needs approval by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

To make the case for the gargantuan gateway in spring green, the creative team from Architectura points to other colorful storefronts nearby. The Architectura website proposes "a whimsical retail experience" and displays interior plans, showing that bright green will be the C. Wonder signature color throughout. Burch and team are aiming for a Fall 2011 opening, in time for holiday sales. Looking for an inside edge? C. Wonder is seeking "charismatic and creative" types to move the luxurious merch.
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