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Crazy But Not Impossible Rumor of the Day: J.Crew for Brooklyn?

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Brownstoner's anonymous commercial retail expert drops a bombshell in this month's report: According to local gossip, J.Crew is looking at a Cobble Hill location. The space, at 155 Court Street between Pacific and Dean, used to be the home of pet shop Beastly Bite. It's not a large storefront, but Brownstoner's masked correspondent says that the owners are expanding the back. (The wine store down the block underwent a similar transformation.)

Lord knows Cobble Hill denizens certainly wear enough J.Crew, but could the brand really be exploring a Brooklyn space? It seems unlikely, but then again, national chain Trader Joe's has a major outpost just a few doors away. And let's not forget about the Barneys Co-op, which sounded just as implausible when word first hit back in 2009.
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Barneys Co-op - Brooklyn

194 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Visit Website

Trader Joe's

130 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201 718-246-8460 Visit Website

Beastly Bite

155 Court Street, New York NY