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Missoni x Target Also Sold Out in Jersey—Except the Bedspreads

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Last night, we found ourselves at a Target in New Jersey, thinking that all 400 pieces from the Missoni collab couldn't have possibly sold out in the 'burbs. We were wrong—they did. Well, everything except for the bedding, so if that's what you had your heart set on, you can still pick up a bedspread at the Target in Bridgewater. Or, you can try your luck on the website, but as of right now it's crashed, again.

We were kind of surprised that nothing was left, but then we realized that the women's department and the children's department was only allotted one of two racks of clothes, and the shoe area had only a small fixture that was totally barren. (We did spot about four pieces of kids clothes, though, so if you can squeeze yourself into toddler sizes, go for it.)

The home goods area had a lot of empty shelves, leading us to believe that this department got most of the play from the Target buyers. And in other Jersey news, a tipster wrote in and told us that the Target in Jersey City was bringing in more boxes around 10pm last night, and adds: "From what the boxes said, they were mostly bed sets." So what have we learned through all this? That Target has vastly underestimated how much people love Missoni, and vastly overestimated how much people love bedding.
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