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The Westboro Baptist Church Protested Fashion Week on Saturday

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The Westboro Baptist Church took a break from its busy schedule of protesting military funerals to wave homophobic signs outside the Fashion Week tents at Lincoln Center on Saturday. Westboro spokesman Steve Drain told the New York Post that his cult decided to target the shows because "the whole idea [of the] fashion industry is to make women look as whorish as possible and men look as effeminate at possible." Just in case that wasn't offensive enough, the fourteen church members at the protest also roped in 9/11—one man carried a sign with an image of the burning twin towers under the phrase "God's Fury."

One lesbian couple responded to the hate in the best way possible: With a big, dramatic kiss. Ann Walker and her girlfriend Katrina Hanratty paused for some PDA on the way into the tents just to prove to the protesters that they weren't afraid. Afterwards, Walker told the Post, "My God hates haters."
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