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Mom Banned From UES Fairway After Forgetting to Pay For Milk

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No she didn't. An Upper East Side mom has been banned for life from the recently opened Upper East Side Fairway after forgetting to pay for milk and a six pack of Corona she had put underneath her stroller. The Post reports (in their exclusive, mind you) that "Fairway banished an Upper East Side mom to the supermarket's Rikers aisle after she failed to pay for a half-gallon of milk that she says she accidentally left in her stroller." That woman would be Elissa Drassinower, 33, who said she put the items underneath her son's stroller because the handbasket got too heavy. Then, when her son started to get uppity at the register, she forgot to pay for them.

A stealthy guard was waiting for her outside, who told Elissa that she was banned from the supermarket for life, and that if she ever tried to return she would be arrested for trespassing. The Post continues: "A team of security guards then surrounded her as though she were Ma Barker, took her photo and asked her to sign forms, she said." In a story like this, it's hard to tell what's crazier: The incident itself, or the Post's John Grisham writeup of it.
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